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when i'm up i can't get down

i'm the fountain of affection, the instrument of joy

there's a thunder in our hearts
17 April

Obligatory Babble

There once was a fangirl ninja Jyuu-chan
Who vowed to sail to Japan
She took her yaoi, some pocky
A ton of manga, her ferretts, some saki
And drowned in a homebuilt sampan.

- A limerick by the ineffable corivax

This journal is largely fannish chatter along with a mix of real life updates. I like a lot of weird things! By weird, I mean alternate sexualities, things that aren't entirely human but probably act a lot like them, crossing fandoms that shouldn't, and maybe also furries shhh, our secret.

But! If you are looking for my writing/art/random media posts, you might want to take a right into nehema instead.

Friending Policy

Er, if you add me I'll probably add you back.

If I've added you? Well, I probably asked if it was alright, but if I didn't, then it probably just slipped my mind.

Did I remove you? Maybe it was an accident, or maybe I feel like we don't have a lot in common, or I'm mercilessly paring down on who I am watching because my life is pain and reading everyone's updates makes my face angry. If you want back, just ask! I usually won't remove someone unless I feel like they won't mind.

It's just the internet. It's just an online journal.

A surplus of human eggs?
omi loves me. ;o;

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